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1. Digital album sales have topped physical sales. For the first time, ever 

(via Pup Fresh)

2. Photography has become too digital, Kodak files for bankruptcy. HIPSTERS, pick those film cameras back up. This is Hipsta-tragic

3. Coachella acts being all but confirmed online, follow the updates right here with your lovely Goldenvoice spirit guide

4. Speaking of the Coachella Valley, Stagecoach tickets are officially SOLD OUT.


Love that this happened on the day Hanson announced Mmmmhop. There’s some beautiful synchronicity there.

(via Soup on Twitter)

More ’90s music news for ya

1. S Club 7 is back again! They really don’t stop. They never give up. They held their heads high until they reached the top

2. 2gether, not to be outdone, stirs rumors that they will be back on the parody circuit

3. Hanson is releasing MMMhop — their own beer.

4. Backstreet Boys’ Howie D releases “Lie To Me” Video. Which one was Howie again?

5. NSYNC’s christmas album still holds up (the opinions expressed here are that of the intern and do not reflect the position of the Goldenvoice company)

1. Heavy D has passed away. Check out some of his music legacy

2. R. Kelly has an autobiography coming out. The title does not disappoint

3. And the next single from Adele’s 21 is…

4. Who else forgot about Jamie Lynn Spears?

5. 11/11/11 has (officially?) become Nigel Tufnel day

What music news is up on your radar?